HTC 10 Spigen Cases For $2.99!


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Oct 6, 2011
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No one really expected the HTC 10 to be very popular. That being said this phone is actually HTC's first solid device in many years. I actually really like it. Unfortunately the last two flagship devices HTC has released have absolutely bombed. That being said many case manufacturers are afraid they may actually lose money by investing in cases for the HTC 10. These guys have to buy all the equipment, molds, casts, to make these cases, or they have to buy them in bulk. This means that if a phone doesn't do well they end up with useless equipment or warehouses full of inventory.

Spigen was one of the case manufacturers that decided to put out cases for the HTC 10. They are pretty well known for making high quality yet affordable cases. Their HTC 10 case lineup is already on super sale. These cases are only $2.99 with the coupon codes below.

HTC 10 Crystal Clear Ultra Hybrid Case $2.99 with coupon code 354S6R88

HTC 10 Neo Hybrid Crystal w/ Gunmetal Bumper $2.99 with coupon code D7ZX47MG

HTC 10 Neo Hybrid Champagne Gold Case $2.99 with coupon code QWGA8PAM