Poetic Announces The Affinity Case For The HTC 10!


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Oct 6, 2011
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If you are a phone nut you land in one of two camsps. Either you love to carry your phone around naked or you need protection for your device! For the longest time I hated cases. Most of the time you buy a phone for the phone's design. A case ruins the whole design experience. Over time I realized how dangerous it was to go around caseless.

With the industry leaning towards more premium materials you will find many more opportunities to damage your device without a case. Even cheaper phones are being made with metal and glass these days. Glass shatters, metal scratches.

The HTC 10 has a full medal body design. Their aluminum has been notorious for easily scratching over the years. Once I pre-ordered my HTC 10 the next thing I did was begin my search for cases. Most of the larger case companies (UAG, Otterbox, Lifeproof ect) have no cases listed for the HTC 10. It cost big money to produce the tools to make these cases at mass scale, and for some of the larger companies unless the phone is for sure going to sell well they don't even take a chance.

Up and coming case makers see this as an opportunity to seize the market! If the big guys won't provide the cases phone users are going to have to get their cases from someone, right?! Poetic is one of these up and coming case makers. Their cases are high quality and look pretty cool too. They have just announced today they will be offing the Affinity Case for the HTC 10. My personal source also informs me they will be offering the Revolution case for the device as well. The cases are not available for sell quite yet, but these are a few cases that should be on your radar!

via @PoeticCases