SlickWraps Just Dropped Helmetica Cases!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Back in the day when phones first started having touch screens it was very uncommon for a phone to feature a premium build. Most phones were made of plastic and that was ok. Even the screens were made of plastic (not glass) for the most part. Back then no one worried about protecting their phones. If you dropped your device it was no big deal. The worst that would happen is your phones back would fly across the room and your battery would fall out of turning off your phone. All you had to do was go grab your phone's back and put your phone back together. No big deal.

These days every flagship and even budget phones feature a metal and glass build. Just about every smart phone comes with a glass display. Dropping your phone often means you will be visiting a repair shop or buying a new phone altogether. Now everyone I know uses a case. If you aren't into cases you can wrap your device with a skin to atleast protect the glass or metal from smudges and scratches.

SlickWraps has become my go to wrap maker over the past few years. I just love their designs especially the Helmetica series. They dropped some huge news today. We have known that they were working with Spigen on something special. Today they announced what that collab project was. They have introduced the Helmetica series cases! Cases also feature designs from the Hero series, Galactic series, and Villain series. Head to the link below for the full list of devices and designs.

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