Can BlackBerry Get Back In The Game With Their Latest Android Device?


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Oct 6, 2011
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I remember Blackberry's hay day. For some reason I was never really a fan. When blackberry phones were for the cool kids I was trying to get my hands on the RAZR. My wife went through her share of Blackberry phones. I guess when Apple revolutionized the phone industry with their version of a smartphone Blackberry thought it was just a fad. They kind of just kept to their old tried and true and became irrelevant before they had a chance to catch up.

Even after they became irrelevant they tried to release a few slab devices, but it was all too little too late. While Android and iPhone devices are becoming more and more secure all the time BlackBerry was known world wide for their locked down and secure devices. BlackBerry's used to be the only option for the workplace with all that security.

BlackBerry is looking to reenter the consciousness of American consumers with their new DTEK60 device. The hardware isn't necessarily reminiscent of BlackBerry but the software is. Features include a 5.5" QHD AMOLED display, 21mp rear-facing camera, fingerprint reader, microSD card expansion, and some special security features including a Secure Bootloader with multi-stage verification. Overall this doesn't look half bad.

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