BlackBerry Venice With Android Gets A Full Hands On Video!


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Oct 6, 2011
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The return of Blackberry has been highly anticipated by some, and not because consumers are just itching to get their hands on an old out of date handset. Rumors have strongly suggested that the next BlackBerry device would be running the latest and greatest version of Android. Now we have solid evidence that the device is on the way! In fact we have a full hands on with the upcoming BlackBerry Venice. The video above shows the Blackberry device running Android, and you can see what will surely be the main selling feature of this device, the physical keyboard!

I have not used a slide out physical keyboard like this since the trusty Droid 4. I have to say that I do miss this option in Android devices. The desire of OEMs to release the slimmest lightest devices, with the advent of very usable on screen qwerty keyboards spelled the fatality of the physical keyboard. Other notable features include a finger sensor on the keyboard which will allow you to scroll pages without having to return to the touchscreen, micro sdcard slot, and front facing speaker. This phone will surely be focused on security so don't expect ease of root or an unlockable bootloader.

Would a phone like this be of any interest to you? Was Blackberry's OS the only thing that killed it? Will Android be able to resurrect this failure of a company? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.
It really doesn't look like a bad device. I don't particularly care for the physical keyboard personally, but it couldn't hurt to have it in certain situations. I like that they added the scroll feature.
With my early upgrade plan, I'm definitely going to try this out.

At least..if this is lease eligible lol.

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My boss will have me preorder this for him. He bitches about the onscreen keyboard weekly.