1. J

    Solved LG V30+ Orange Border When Playing Videos

    For some reason, when I play a video in the browser, a orange border shows up around the video. I have all the accessibility options off so I don't know why it is there. Does anybody know how to remove the orange border? I have a picture below. The orange border is near the corners.
  2. Krystal Jones

    This is Krystal Jones

    Hello friends! I'm Krystal Jones, a skilled Animation crafter. My portfolio is testimony to my creative powers and video animation skills to improve websites and marketing processes. I fully understand user experience and thus able to build explainer videos that are easy to understand, navigate...
  3. P

    Razer Phone Disassembly Teardown Video

    Hey guys here's a video of the teardown/disassembly of the Razer Phone in case anyone is interested in seeing the insides.
  4. DroidModderX

    Google Explains Their Technique For Video Stabilization In The Pixel 2

    While Google may be catching a bad rap for the display tech featured on the Pixel 2 XL there is no denying that they have managed to produce the best cameras ever to be featured on a smartphone. One of the main features of those cameras is the ability to record super stable video. Google...
  5. DroidModderX

    LG V30 Used By Game Of Thrones Cinematographer In This Video Shoot!

    If you wanted to know what kind of quality you can expect out of the LG V30 a video shot by Game Of Thrones Cinematographer David Franco shows us exactly what this phone's camera is capable of. Franco says that he rarely tugs around a DSLR when scouting for video shooting locations and instead...
  6. DroidModderX

    Full 3D Renders Of The Huawei Mate 10 Hit The Web

    Onleaks is back at it with some 3D CAD renders. This time hes got renders of the Huawei Mate 10. We see in the render the new device from Huawei still features a front facing fingerprint reader, however it does look like Huawei has made an attempt at slimming down the top and bottom bezels...
  7. DroidModderX

    Hands On Image Of The LG V30

    The hype has been real over the last week as Samsung has officially announced the Note 8 yet many of you have said you are far more excited for LG's next phablet device the LG V30. We are getting closer to their official unveiling and now we have a hands on image of the device. The image was...
  8. DroidModderX

    Galaxy S8 Active Leaks In Video!

    The above video apparently shows off the Galaxy S8 Active. The rumors for this device have been hitting the net since April. Samsung has been building ruggedized versions of the S series since the Galaxy S4 so it seemed a natural extension to continue this tradition with the Galaxy S8. The...
  9. DroidModderX

    Verizon "Testing Video Optimization" Caught Throttling Netflix and Youtube

    Here we go again! It looks like Verizon has been caught red handed throttling video from Netflix and Youtube. The Netflix speed test tool "" has revealed that Big Red is throttling Netflix traffic. Verizon says they are just testing Video Optimization. According to the users of...
  10. DroidModderX

    New Google Pixel XL 2 Concept Video Gives Life To Recent Leaks

    The upcoming Google Pixel XL 2 is highly anticipated probably more so for its second to none software experience and not so much its design. That being said if the eventual design ends up being anything like the phone in this new concept video it may put even the Galaxy S8 to shame! The...
  11. DroidModderX

    This Video Showcases All That Bixby Voice Is Capable Of

    Samsung has been promising us Bixby Voice since the Galaxy S8 was announced. The feature should have been available at launch, but it wasn't quite ready. They then released a beta version of the app which you can acquire right now. It looks like Bixby Voice has been able to collect plenty of...
  12. DroidModderX

    LG G6+ Revealed In New Official Video

    The LG G6+ was recently announced and we are starting to get some details on the device thanks to an official video released by LG. Marine Blue and Terra Gold will be two new colors featured on the new handset. The phone will also be water and dust resistant. The phone features 128GB of internal...
  13. DroidModderX

    Here Is A Quick Hands On Video Of Bixby On The Galaxy S8

    There seems to be no end to the amount of blurry videos and photos coming out of Korea ahead of the Galaxy S8 launch. No matter how much Samsung has stressed to its employees not to leak the device it seems this device has been leaked like no other device before it. Today we get a blurry glimpse...
  14. DroidModderX

    New Hands On Video Of The Galaxy S8 Emerges

    Earlier today a video which happens to be the clearest video we have had so far of the Galaxy S8 has hit the web. This video clearly shows the always on display with home button and notification the lockscreen with a notification, as well as the lockscreen with notification and shortcuts. Once...
  15. DroidModderX

    Here Is A Brief Video Showcasing the Galaxy S8!

    This quick video leaves nothing at all to the imagination when it comes to the Galaxy S8. You can see the complete design of the device. You can even see that infamous sticker encouraging employees not to leak the device or take pictures of the device. I guess it's just human nature to do what...
  16. DroidModderX

    5 Second Video Crashes Your Friends iPhone

    Just in time for the holidays we have a new iPhone prank. If you really want to get the blood of your favorite iPhone user boiling just text them this little 5 second video clip. The mp4 video happens to be corrupt. Just 10 seconds after playing the video the iPhone that played it will begin to...
  17. DroidModderX

    Marques Actually Got His Hands On The MI MIX

    I have no idea why Xiaomi released the "concept" images of the MIX. They already have versions of the phone produced apparently. MKBHD was able to get some hands on with the device. It is not completely bezeless, but instead is is virtually bezeless. You can barely see it. The phone will be on...
  18. DroidModderX

    Replay The Pixel Announcement Here!

    If you are like most grown adult Americans you missed the Pixel event due to the fact you have a job and are responsible for actually being there. Today during the announcement I streamed the live event and kept my phone on with the screen awake in my pocket so I could at least listen to the...
  19. DroidModderX

    Pixel Phone Looking Very iPhoney in Latest Renders

    Earlier today AndroidAuthority treated the community to so fresh renders and even a video of the upcoming HTC Built Google device often referred to as "Sailfish". On first impressions I have to say this looks a lot like an iPhone. The metal back with the antenna band across the back along with...
  20. DroidModderX

    HTC Nexus Marlin 3D Render Shown Off In Video

    The next Nexus will arrive later in the fall. It is widely believed that HTC will be the OEM to manufacture two variants of Nexus devices with one being a larger device and another being a smaller device. We have already seen plenty of renders of both devices. Renders have been modeled after...