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  1. Sajo

    Moto Z4 Battery Life

    Here is a thread to discuss the battery life on the new Moto Z4. Post your thoughts, questions, concerns or usage stats. Thanks!
  2. Sajo

    Moto Z4 General Discussions

    Here is the place to discuss thoughts, questions and overall general discussions about the new Z4 while we wait for it to start shipping and can get some hands-on reviews.
  3. Sajo

    New Moto Z for 2019? (and other new Moto Phone rumors)

    The folks over at XDA have reported that they have rumored intel on a new Moto Z phone for 2019, code named Odin. Could this be the Moto Z4? Apparently the phone will be running a new Snapdragon chip and will work with the upcoming 5G Moto Mod. If that is true then that also means that all...
  4. Soccerref12

    Update 16

    A new system update showed up on my Moto Z this morning. Just a security update, but just throwing it out there. Installing now.
  5. Bithawk

    Moto Z Battery Expands Inside the Phone

    My Moto Z battery just expanded within the case to the point that it cracked the screen and will not allow me to reset the screen back into the case. Since I have been using a Moto Z Mod(Mophie) auxiliary battery pack, I have had to replace two internal batteries within the last 10 months. The...
  6. Sajo

    Motorola Event August 2nd

    It sounds like Motorola has announced an event at their Chicago HQ for August 2nd at 2PM (CST). They released a teaser video to You Tube, without many details. The release states: "Mark your calendar. On August 2, we’re making a big announcement at Motorola’s HQ in Chicago. Say “hello” to a...
  7. LoudRam

    Motorola pushing the Moto Z Android 8.0 Oreo update to some users

    Motorola had been testing Android 8.0 Oreo for Moto Z since last year, but after two soak tests, it looks like the final version is coming out. Well, not for everyone, but at least some Moto Z owners will get the highly-anticipated Oreo update that's been teased by Motorola for such a long time...
  8. King Bengals

    Why can't I install ZenUI Launcher on Moto Z Force??

    I've been reading how the ZenUI launcher is one of the most popular launchers in the Play Store. I saw an article while on my phone. I clinked on the download link on the site that said "for android phones" . It took me to the Play Store. When I hit the install botton I got an error that said...
  9. King Bengals

    How do I "enable Camera (PTP) mode" on a Moto Z Force?

    Moto Z Force - Android 7.0 If you have seen my posts before you know I'm having some issues with my phone. A tech said I should try to do a factory reset...which sounds scary!! :-( I have the instructions on how to do the backup, reset & restore via the Google Cloud, but I want to make a...
  10. DroidModderX

    Moto Z Physical Keyboard Mod Reaches Crowd Funding Goal!

    A few days back we saw the announcement of Blackberry's KeyONE. The KeyONE will be the only Android Flagship phone to include a physical keyboard. The last phone that I had with a physical keyboard was the Droid 4. Over the years I have become pretty good at using an on screen qwerty keyboard...
  11. DroidModderX

    Moto Z 2 Confirmed?!

    Yesterday we got a bit of good news from world famous leakster Evan Blass. He posted a logo for the upcoming 2nd generation Moto Z, and stated "So, like, this is happening.". This is obviously not official but Evan has a pretty great tract record for getting things right. Of course this is all...
  12. Sajo

    Issue with the Google Messenger app after recent app update?

    Has anyone else experienced an issue with the Unread / badge count not clearing on the Messenger app icon, after the most recent app updates? The app has been working great for me since I bought this phone, and previous updates have been good. The newest one was version 2.1.161, I believe...
  13. DroidModderX

    Moto Z "Edge" Moto Mod Concept Brings RGB Light Notifications To The Device!

    Unlike the LG G5's attempt at modular concept the Moto Z included what felt like a more complete and less beta approach to a modular design. I thoroughly enjoyed the magnetic mods which made adding new mods simple and convenient. In order to keep the modular design relevant and to avoid waning...
  14. DroidModderX

    Android Nougat 7.1.1 Rolling Out To The Unlocked Moto Z

    There was once a time when Motorola was one of the quickest OEMs to release updates. This was during the time they were controlled by Google which could explain the speedy releases. Now they are owned by Lenovo and updates are much slower. The Verizon exclusive Moto Z Droid and Z Droid Force had...
  15. DroidModderX

    Non Modular Moto X Coming in 2017?!

    The one thing that really made the 2016 Moto Z stand out was the modular design. While other flagship devices may have attempted the modular design Lenovo was the only OEM to actually get it right. The Moto mods effortlessly and magnetically attached themselves to the phone. This was the only...
  16. DroidModderX

    Changelog For The Moto Z and Z Force Update

    Motorola has started sending out the official over the air updates to Android 7.0 Nougat for the Moto Z and Moto Z Force. We know exactly what all has changed in the update thanks to the official changelog that Verizon has posted. The new build is labeled NCL25.86-11. Some new features included...
  17. DroidModderX

    The Nougat Update Is Apparently Rolling Out To The Verizon Moto Z and Z Force

    There are currently only a handful of devices out there with official Nougat builds. The Pixel, Pixel XL and LG V20 are among those, but it looks like a few other devices are beginning to receive the update right now. According to some reddit users Verizon is already starting to force push the...
  18. DroidModderX

    Nougat Coming To the Moto Z Lineup In Q4

    With Nougat hitting the full list of current Nexus devices the question remains, "When will my device receive Nougat?". It turns out if your device is part of the Moto Z family you will be receiving the update to Nougat some time in Q4. We won't even see the new lineup of Nexus devices until the...
  19. Jonny Kansas

    TWRP Now Available for Moto Z (Not Force, just Z)

    Team Win has done it again. Arguably one of the most popular custom recovery methods available for android devices, TWRP has been released for the Moto Z. For those unfamiliar with a custom recovery, they're a handy tool for flashing roms, creating backups of your device, and much more. At...
  20. DroidModderX

    The Moto Z Is Now Unlocked!

    Earlier today I got a pretty exciting email from Lenovo. The email announced the pre-order of the unlocked version of the Moto Z. You can now use the device on GSM carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile. The Moto Z series has suffered from a lack of availability. The phone was released as a Verizon...