1. J

    Unusual Touchscreen Issue

    I apologize in advance if this is redundant or etc; I only want to describe the problem with as much detail as to be clear & cut down on basic questions... My tablet (cheap blue model) has a tiny chip and a couple of cracks out from there but no major damage. The touch screen was still...
  2. Jsmi89

    Any solution to this issue?

    I have a samsung s20 which still works fine/plays notifications but the screen has completely blanked. The problem with taking the phone to the store to be fixed is that everything I have is unlocked. All my apps, emails, banks etc but I have no way to do a factory reset as I can't see the...
  3. D

    Screen Moto z droid xt1650-03 screen

    I have ordered a replacement screen. However, the small connector (in pic) on left bottom under the digitizer connection, is broken in half. Would it affect the functioning of screen? Thanks for helping. (Picture from internet just for reference)
  4. J

    Solved LG V30+ Orange Border When Playing Videos

    For some reason, when I play a video in the browser, a orange border shows up around the video. I have all the accessibility options off so I don't know why it is there. Does anybody know how to remove the orange border? I have a picture below. The orange border is near the corners.
  5. Samuel Jackson III

    My internet is throttled

    I am currently using MetroPCS and realized that my internet was throttled this whole time. Im on a unlimited data plan. I did a speed test and get from 60 to 120 mbps but when I download apps it seems SUPER slow. I went to and got from 1.2mbps to 3.4 mbps. I looked up different videos...
  6. SplittingSkull1

    Droid Turbo Audio Issue

    I Recently god a 2014 Droid Turbo. It was still in the box and everything. i let it update and its now running Android 6.0.1 and is experiencing A VERY quiet audio issue. The Phone is not damaged and was fine for a few days before it happened. I have Factory reset, Cleared The Caches, and even...
  7. A

    HELP - sound problem

    So for some reason I woke up and my sound was weird. I don't know if I accidentally pushed a button or if someone else did or what. It used to be super loud when I turned it up to play music, but now it's like I can barely hear it and it's all the way up. When I used my volume button, it used...
  8. K

    Solved Honor 7 RAM problem

    Hello, I have a problem with ram on my phone. About a week ago, my phone started to slow down. Right now my phone is really slow compared to what it was before... My ram has been really full lately. (I use Clean Master) That's my ram after I cleared it. Before when I cleaned it, it went down to...
  9. M

    Samsung Galaxy S2 stuck on 7% while updating software

    (I'm not very sure if my explanation will make sense, english isn't my first language haha) So I decided to update the software of my samsung galaxy s2 and while it was being downloaded, it was at around 27% and it stopped downloading, so I canceled it. I decided to click on "check for updates"...
  10. W

    App For SMS Backup

    Hello, Guys, I want the best app for backup my SMS and have no limit for data storage.
  11. W


    Hello, Everyone! I want the SSD for gaming which one is the best?
  12. A

    Media keeps pausing- inb4 look at old threads

    Hi, I'm very frustrated. My media keeps pausing, sometimes every 30 seconds, some times every couple minutes. YouTube pauses all the time. The music I have on my phone, downloaded in to my memory, pauses all the time. (Doesn't require data/buffering) It's annoying, especially when I'm doing...
  13. A

    Music getting deleted?

    alright im an absolute noob so please give me a simple solution for this. so i put this folder of music into my sd card right (it came w the phone its a kinda dodgy unbranded 16gb but so far its worked perfectly fine so). and like okay it's all good in the hood. i open google play music. choose...
  14. S


    So this is it guys I'm at the end of my rope. I have a ellipsis 8 that's stuck in a bootloop according to Verizon tech support worst in history btw. I have preformed all hard reset troubleshooting possible except for zapping it which I was as a bootloop method. I have downloaded qfil not exactly...
  15. D

    HELP! Samsung tab e factory reset low memory

    ive flashed to twrp tried another google account thinking it may have backed up or something and still low memory it's a 8gb model and when I boot up its 1.2gb free storage I had a hell of a lot more than that before, rebooted around 7 times this week to try to get a game running it was 2.8gb...
  16. kimiix17

    Need help with account sync settings please!

    I recently changed phones from the HTC Desire 510 to the HTC Desire 626, and am having trouble with the Accounts & Sync settings. When I go to add account, there is no facebook option even though I have the app, am logged in on the app, and have sync enabled on the app. However, what is there is...
  17. M


    i just switched from iPhone to Galaxy. I know there is a ton of stuff i can do with this phone, and I want to know what those things are. I can look up tutorials but all i find are like the basic things. I wanna know what this thing is really capable of as far as like underground apps, hacks...
  18. A

    Random theme downloaded on my phone

    Hey everyone! I need help. My mum was on facebook (on her phone) and a pop up came up for a theme app and she clicked on it to chrck it out but it ended up downloading and now her original android theme is gone, everything has changed and I don't know how to change it back for her.
  19. N continues to show on Kyocera hydro!! HELP I'm at my wits end!!!!!

    [SORRY FOR THE LONG EXPLANATION IN ADVANCE,FIGURED IT'D GET ME THE CORRECT ADVICE] I recieved a used,but still near perfect condition,Kyocera hydro icon the other day and im having issues. I factory reset it,inserted my sd,( the sd had been in my alcatel one touch pixi avion,one touch conquest...
  20. C

    Xperia m4 aqua wifi issues

    Hi, Im new in the community I'm having this issues with my xperia m4 aqua: 1. Phone finds wifi connections and appears to be connected with good signal but there is no internet (even at my home or work wifi) 2. Phone doesn't find any wifi connections, and if it does the network appears only...