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    I'm having a couple of problems that I can't find answers too and they are getting really really annoying.

    First, YouTube, I listen to a ton of YouTube while driving through my cars bluetooth connection. YouTube usually saves my position, however lately it absolutely won't save, sometimes even when I close the video after stopping, it just doesn't...

    Also the app will randomly just close itself when I've got it paused but I'm on another screen, does anybody know of any way to make YouTube never auto close itself, I've turned off battery saving memory management etc... It still just dismisses itself.

    And navigation, android used to be incredibly intelligent and would ALWAYS keep my navigation notification at the absolute very top of my notification panel. I've done some research and it's actually a pretty simplistic variable in the app that causes this, whatever idiot engineer decided changing this was a good idea, needs fired because it hops up and down my notification list constantly... Is there another way to pin this ****** to the top...Google searching isn't being very helpful.

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