You Can Now Purchase A Pixel or Pixel XL with CopperheadOS Pre-Installed

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    CopperheadOS is an open source version of AOSP that focuses on security. Their software is available to download and install for free for many Nexus devices, but they also sell their software preinstalled on some phones. Now they are pre-installing the software on Pixel and Pixel XL devices. The OS is responsible for many of the bug fixes that are submitted to AOSP. Some of their security measure include a hardened C standard library and compiler toolchain, and a more secure custom kernel which is "self-protected" and has a high quality address space layout randomization. The software also has a built in firewall and focuses on securing your network connection unlike stock AOSP.

    While the software is free you can support the Copperhead team by donating or buying one of their devices. The Pixel 32GB will cost you $1,049 while the 128GB version will set you back $1149.00. When you purchase the device you are also purchasing 3 years of support from CopperHead. Apparently the Pixel XL is not available but will be soon for $120 more than it's Pixel counterpart.

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    I don't think any phone... no matter how secure, it worth those prices... UNLESS that 3 years of support is top notch.
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