[Xperia Z2] Want To Touch It, Feel It Before You Buy It? Sony Is Saying No To The US

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    Sony's online store will be the only place to buy its best phone in the US


    Sony's Xperia Z2 may be a big, powerful slab of a phone, but fans in the United States hoping to snag one in-person or with a contract are out of luck... for now, at least. The company just confirmed that neither it nor its tiny cousin the Z1 Compact will make their way to US store shelves "in the near future." The news comes as sort of bummer considering that Sony's Z2 has received pretty consistent acclaim so far, but hey -- at least Sony isn't completely full of bad news.

    An unlocked version of the Z2 will be available in the company's online store come the summer, though anyone hoping to nab one a pint-sized Z1 (which
    is no slouch either) will have to ferret out some alternate sources. At least Xperia fans in need of a fix have at least one option: the Xperia Z2 tablet will be available here soon
    , and it's easily one of the best 10.1 Android tabs coming to market.

    [FONT=open_sansregular]Yet as Sony indicated in late 2013, the company is not focusing on the US market. Historically, the company has not had much success in the U.S. The Z2 smartphone was released in select Asian markets in March and April. It’s hitting other markets including Canada in May. The U.S. is apparently at the bottom of the list.[/FONT]
    [FONT=open_sansregular]And that’s a damn shame. The Z2 is a fantastic Android device.[/FONT]

    No contracts no subsidies. You will need to pay full full price. Will you fork over $600. site unseen?

    Sorce: Engadget via TC

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