More Evidence Suggests Verizon Might Get the Sony Xperia Z2

Discussion in 'Android News' started by dgstorm, May 12, 2014.

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    A couple weeks ago we shared a hint that Verizon might actually be bringing the Sony Xperia Z2 to their network. A leaked ad featured the device with a Verizon logo clearly visible on the front of it. The ad was quickly removed and replaced after the media picked it up as a story, so there are several things which could be inferred about it.

    Either it was a mistake from the marketing department about a deal that Verizon didn't want to reveal just yet, or the two companies are working on a deal that may never come to fruition. There is new evidence which just arose recently, further cementing the possibility of a Verizon Xperia Z1. Basically the same thing happened, only it was on a Korean Sony website. An Xperia Z2 can be seen in an ad pic. Looking closely at the back, the Verizon logo can be barely made out. Just as before, the ad was quickly yanked and replaced with one which no longer has the logo. this of course didn't happen before someone grabbed the pic, which is what you see above.

    This time it was obviously a marketing blunder rather than an intentional tease, since it makes no sense to have a Verizon logo on a Korean smartphone ad. Despite this, it means Sony has an inventory of Xperia Z2 devices which have Verizon logos on them. This means they either have a deal with Big Red, are working on a deal with Big Red, or maybe almost had a deal with Big Red. We will continue to keep you updated as more details emerge.

    Source: XperiaBlog & Sony