wrong system time and 3G to 1x on droid x

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by rxmotoman, May 2, 2011.

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    have verizon droid x. haven't had a problem with it since the x came out. time stamp in notification bar kept resetting to 6 o'clock 1/5/2000 when set on automatic. would only last a few minutes. Switching airplane mode on/off would reset it usually. Factory reset phone, still had same problem.
    Verizon sent replacement phone and immediately had connection issues but was ok after 2 hours with verizon level 2 support. Next day started dropping to 1x and giving me wrong time again. I'm in a good coverage area. Anyone know of an app or widget that could be throwing it off? Had this problem before gingerbread, during gingerbread, after factory reset, and with new phone. Verizon still says it can't be on their end. Any thoughts would be great.

    Running ADW, weatherbug, appbrain, bw..
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