What is my next step?

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    Hi im new to the whole custom roms and flashing, after watching several videos on youtube ive managed the following:

    1) rooted with z4 root

    2) have rom toolbox pro and rom manager premium installed

    3) have D2 bootstrapper installed

    4) I have downloaded from the romtool box the top nightly version of Cyanogen Mod, The Gingerbread Leaked OTA (updating to a 4.5.606.a956.verizon.en.US & Android system: 2.3.3), and have the gapps downloaded onto my phone

    - i've been doing much research on installing cyanogen mod onto the D2G, but for some reason every time i attempt to install it onto my phone i keep bootlooping, on one of the forums i followed the steps of someones advice and it brought me the furthest i've been to getting the cyanogen mod onto my cellphone, it told me i have to install all of the zips at the same time (after reseting to factory status, starting with part 1 gingerbread ota leak, then part 2, followed by installation of cyanogen mod, and lastly the gapps) but after i did all of that the cyanogen mod continued to boot loop

    - as of right now i am running System Version: 4.5.606.A956.Verizon.en.US Android Version: 2.3.3 (so i installed the 2 part OTA Gb Leak from Rom Toolbox). my questions is what are the next steps in order to get Cyanogenmod running on my droid 2 global. do i have to sbf back to 2.4.3 and then install it all together? or can i just install the Revnightly without whiping/factory reset?

    - Also it should be noted that i am on a Mac Book Pro, is that an issue?

    -can someone please give me a step by step process on how to install the cyanogen mod onto the D2G correctly.

    -(side note question) i've noticed on the cyanogen website they have different "devices" on the side but frankly half of those i dont even recognize the name of the phones, (ex: shadow) i was wondering if those are just different versions of the Cyanogen Mod? or are they actually different devices?
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