Cannot boot past Cyanogen Logo

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    Edit: Ignore, had to clear Data, again~ didn't think I had to. Was worried it would wipe the stuff I just installed, etc. So yeah, Boot Looping on the actual ROM Usually means to Wipe Data~ I'll keep that in mind.

    Just installed everything according to the first post of the sticky.

    SBFd to Froyo
    Cleared Data and Cache
    Installed Gingerbread OTA
    Rooted using 1-Step Droid 3 Exploit
    Installed Clockwork Recovery
    Installed Cyanogen GB using CWRecovery

    Roughly above steps, I basically did exactly as the instructions said. Everything was going great. Got gingerbread on there. Things look great, but now I can't get passed the Cyanogen logo. Could really use some advice here so I don't have to repeat everything all over again. Notice I did not use CW Recover after installation, as I can't even get Cyanogen to boot the first time.

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