weird problems all of the sudden (s7 edge)

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by sts7049, Apr 29, 2016.

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    galaxy s7 edge
    out of the blue today i started having strange problems with my sg7 edge...

    -recent apps soft button not responding
    -home button not responding (but if phone is locked or screen is off the button does turn the screen on and fingerprint scanner works)
    -cannot expand the notification bar or access the settings button in the notification screen
    -edge screen panel on right not working even though it is turned on

    there were a couple of app updates i installed this morning, i think google talkback and photos. i tried a soft reset into normal mode but no dice. i also booted into safe mode but these things are still not functioning.

    also the widgets i had set on my home screen have disappeared as well.

    what the heck is going on?? do i need to just to a restore and start over? (ugh)
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