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    I have a website that provides a webcal (iCal ICS) URL for subscribing to a league schedule. I am discovering that the Android devices do not know what to do with with a webcal address when selected: "Webpage not available". This functionality is drop-dead easy on the other popular mobile device OS, and at the PC with Outlook 2007+ installed: just select the link, answer the prompt "add subscription to your calendar?" and done! 2 clicks!

    Yes, I know there is a workaround by logging in to Google calendar at a PC using the account associated with the device, and going through the numerous steps of adding it there. But that is mighty inconvenient (starting with a lot of feedback I have received that no one ever uses the device's Google account at a PC).

    Can native support for subscribing to a webcal URL address be added for Android mobile devices?

    Is this is an opportunity for an add-on app? I could then at least direct folks to installing the app to make this work easy.


    ---Jay R O
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