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Calendar Entries Dup'ed ??? (Same Account Used for Input)

Discussion in 'Android Tech Support' started by Spyder5157, Dec 11, 2012.

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    Jan 25, 2011
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    Calendar Entries Dup'ed ???

    FINALLY, I've decided to go ahead and post on this, but it has been something ongoing since I can remember. I use my Calendar (Stock, Currently ICS on Razr).

    As we all know, any calendar entry is tied to a specific Gmail account, or internal phone storage. Before I go any further, since this would be the obvious answer: I use ONE specific account for my calendar. It is the main Gmail account I have the phone initially registered to.

    NOW THE ISSUE: IF I use the PC, go to Gmail, Calendar, and add an entry, it is instantly put into my phone calendar correctly.

    BUT: More often than not, I am mobile when adding things into the Calendar, therefore, I add them via my device. I open up, add an event, add detail, etc. "Save"

    THEN: When I look at that day - SIDE BY SIDE I have the event listed (TWICE).

    As mentioned regarding the account, I have checked both EVERY TIME, and they are both listed under the SAME Gmail. Now....Typically, I just pick one, delete it, and move on.

    A big reason I finally posted my issue is: Today, I created an event, as usual it was listed in the device calendar in duplicate (Side by Side).....BUT - Unlike other times, 1 of the 2 was "Missing" much of the detail for the event (Location & Description).

    One last puzzling issue is that it is NOT EVERY TIME that this happens. If I were to make an educated guess, I would say about 75-80% of the time. Otherwise, I get the single event, and all as it should.

    Any suggestions on this one would be GREAT, it has really been driving me crazy since day 1 (BTW: This has been ongoing thru 3 separate phones, 2 different carriers, and 3 versions of Android.....SO....IT MUST have "SOMETHING" to do w/ Google???)

    I would love to say HELP HELP...But, it's a small issue, with a quick work-around, hence the long time I've just let it go, but when I saw those differences between the 2 events today, I decided it's time to TRY and get some advice.....

    SO....ANY THOUGHTS....Comments, etc....Would be greatly appreciated.

    All the best.....Spyder