Calendar Sync Issues

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    I have 2 calendars in my google account. I use icalendar on my mac to keep track of them. I have our local sporting events synced to them "Middle school" in one calendar and "High school" in the other.

    The middle school calendar stays synced with my droid x all the time.

    The High school does not stay synced on the droid x.

    I can get it to sync no problem then after a few days it's gone. I go to icalendar and the gmail account and the events are still there...Just not on the phone.

    Both of the calendars are on the same google account.

    I have to go into...
    Manage applications
    Calendar Storage
    Clear data

    Then re-sync the calendar and THEN they appear again. PITB (pain in the butt)

    Any insight into this issue would be much appreciated!

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