WeatherBug Crashing Network?

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by ronrose, Dec 30, 2010.

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    Searching the forum, I have not seen anyone else with this problem and it took me months to get to where I think I know what is causing my network to crash.

    I got my Droid X in August 2010 and started having problems with my home network shortly after that.

    My home network would crash and no computer connected to it could get to the Internet. It looks like we lost DNS resolution. The only way I could restore service would be to power cycle the modem to my ISP and my local router. I tried the router only and it did not restore service.

    After months of testing I think I have identified WeatherBug as the culprit. In early December I configured WeatherBug to not update in the background and manually had it update when after turning off WiFi. The network has not crashed since then.

    Last week my son was visiting, he also has a Droid X with WeatherBug. The network crashed the first time he opened up WeatherBug. He then configured his Droid X to not update WeatherBug and we had no issues the rest of his time here.

    It has to be some compatibility issue with WeatherBug and my ISP because both my son and I have used WeatherBug on other WiFi networks without any issues.

    Has anyone else seen this?
    Any ideas what it could be and if it can fixed?
    I like WeatherBug and would like to keep using it. I don’t think I can set it to only use 3G.

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