VOIO Over WiFi Questions and Issues

Discussion in 'Motorola Droid' started by tmort, Feb 14, 2013.

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    I've got a Verizon Droid Incredible which I got more to run apps than to use online. I'm looking at just doing my online activities while at a wifi location.

    I see that Skype has been crippled for this phone to not work on wifi. If I root the phone can I change some configuration or something to get it to work?

    I found some alternatives so Skype: Vonage, Viber and GrooveIP. I see for now anyway I can make calls to landlines for free with Vonage.at least for the time being. I can also do this with GrooveIP through Google Voice. I do find though, a wifi spot where Vonage works, sometimes GrooveIP will work and other's not and vice versa. I imagine it has something to do with which ports if any are blocked by a particular wifi spot. Does anyone know anything about what is going on here and how I might set the VOIP clients to other ports?

    I saw all sorts of rave reviews about Viber. It was only a couple of dollars so I bought it. As far as I can see the only free calls are to other mobile phone users who also have Viber. guess if I mainly called people I know on their mobile phones that this would be fine. I'm much more likely to call a person or business on a conventional landline. If I try to call a landline all I get is a message saying they don't have a Viber account yet. I have used Skype on a laptop and if I was calling someone who had a Skype account it was free. I could call landlines pretty cheaply. I just had to buy some time. I figured Viber would have that option. I couldn't find anything like that.

    I contacted their technical support, read their FAQs and submitted a ticket asking if I was missing something. All I got was a generic response saying that there are all sorts of variations on devices and versions of Android they can't test the all and to standby for updates. There was no reference to my questions. I also noticed that they had reset that status of this issue to resolved.

    Is Viber sort of an oversold scam knowing that no one person is out more than a couple of dollars they will just move on, meanwhile Viber will have many thousands of people give the a couple dollars?

    Does anyone have any experience, advice, suggestions, etc. on using VOIP over wifi?