Virtual HW keyboard using Webtop 3.0 doesn't work properly.

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    When I connect my HDMI cable, I can select mirroring or Webtop 3.0 and I generally use Webtop with HDMI on my TV and use my phone as the touchpad for the mouse and the keyboard, all on the phone screen

    The keyboard has 3 screens, one for letters and some symbols, two for numbers and symbols and three for international letters. Only keys typed on the first screen work and are sent to whatever app, even capitols. The other two do not send the keys to the system, when I press them they do appear in the text box on the phone screen however. This leaves me with having to disable the 'hw' keyboard (which still works when disabled) and use the touch pad mouse with an on screen keyboard on my tv in order to type numbers and basic p7nctuation and symbols.

    I am on Stock (safestrap with avatar but use stock for hdmi) latest JB ota and JB I believe ..

    I was unable to produce any search results of anyone with similar issues nor find any configuration settings or files to help.

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