Alternative to Webtop?

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    I am currently using a Motorola Droid Razr XT912 with the HD dock connected to my HDTV. I use wireless USB keyboard and wireless USB mouse. With my phone "Docked" to my TV using the HD dock, I surf the web, handle email, shop on Amazon, etc. It is a great experience. Getting the higher resolution screen provided on my TV by Webtop mode (instead of mirror mode which doesn't make use of the larger real estate provided by my TV) has been wonderful. I have the grandfathered unlimited data plan, so I cancelled cable tv and the internet in favor of using my Droid razr docked to my TV for my basic web needs.

    My question is this: I am to the point where I am thinking of purchasing a newer phone with a larger screen and longer battery life, and I am wondering if other phones have the ability to produce an experience like the one I currently enjoy. That is to say, dock the phone to the TV by some method, use wireless keyboard and mouse, and have the phone displayed on the TV in a manner similar to Motorola's Webtop (something better than a mirror mode).

    I have been scouring Youtube for examples, but I don't see anything real promising. So I thought I would ask on this forum, to see if I am just wishing for something that doesn't really exist, or if I just haven't found it yet.

    Thanks for your time!
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