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    Disregard.. I fixed it but couldn't figure out how to delete my thread.

    I had my Droid updated to 2.2 using the instructions from this thread:

    Everything worked fine, until VZW came out with the official release of the software. I accidentally clicked the option on my phone to update the software. BC of the manual update I did myself, a screen popped up asking me to choose what to install, so I chose the zip file, which resulting in the installation of the 2.1 software. I have tried repeating the instructions in the above thread but when I get to SPRecovery, step 10 I can not proceed any further because I am not able to select "Start".. the button is there but I am unable to click start and I don't know why. Also, when I check the info on my phone under settings it says I have 2.2 on my phone, but my phone is running 2.1.. Also my phone will not sync with my gmail to bring back my contacts.. Any suggestions?
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