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    I gave up on my Note 4, purchased a Nexus 6P, and gave my Note 4 to my father. I had used the program Gates Junior wrote to block some bloat, including the auto updater, Knox, etc..

    When I factory reset the phone to set it up for my father, it immediately (before the setup program could even get the google account logged in) launched the update and updated. Upon reboot it updated again. After the second update, I checked for an update, and a third was available so I launched it. It rebooted into recovery and began installing the update. About 20% into the update, it froze. I thought perhaps it was just a long update so I put the phone down and came back somewhere well over a half-hour later, probably closer to an hour. The progress bar had not moved.

    With much trepidation, I pulled the battery and rebooted. It booted into recovery and began installing the update where it promptly froze after 15 seconds at the exact same spot, around 20% done.

    Is there a stock image I can apply through Odin to fix this? I thought I was pissed before about a non-rootable phone but an update-caused boot lock is infuriating.

    Any assistance will be most appreciated. Thank you.