Two different messaging apps

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    Hey everyone. So today I finally made the switch and retired my OG droid for a new bionic. The first time I booted up the bionic I rooted it and tried to restore system apps and data through titanium update. I screwed something up wile doing that, so I had to do a factory reset on the bionic.

    Now that I have restarted the bionic (haven't loaded any apps or data), it turns out that I have two different text messaging apps. One is just titled "messaging" and is the old green icon. One is titled "text messaging" and is a new blue icon. I sent myself a couple of test messages, and they arrive to both of these programs (two notification in the notification bar, one form each program. have to open both programs to clear notifications). Any idea what I did wrong or how I can fix it?

    Thanks a lot.
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