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    Ever wanted to annoy the heck our of your friends or well enemies?! Now you can thanks to developer "R2doesInc" with his new app TweeZee. This is a Twitter App. It is not a Twitter client, rather it is a configurable twitter bot which can be controlled by your Android Device. This is not really designed to spam your friends or enemies, although you could ;). It is actually designed to be a promotional tool or a tool to make #ffing a much easier and less time consuming task. You specify the message, the people to tweet to, the days to send on, the amount of times to send the tweets, and the delay between tweets, then of course let it run.

    Main features include: -Notifications (Toast or full notifications) on status update.
    -API checks.
    -Repeated tweets.
    -Baddass icon by @omgbeav.
    -ICS style UI.
    -Support for froyo and above.

    Grab the Beta Release app via Google Play

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