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    -Twitter app packed with so much fun.
    -Search and view what people are tweeting about everything in real-time.
    -Follow live events, people, sports etc.
    -Keep tab of the level of buzz of newly launched or existing products,events etc..

    1. SEARCHING: Enter your search into the Search panel, and tweets should start appearing about your chosen keyword.
    [Does not require user login to Twitter]
    2. MULTI-KEYWORD-SEARCHING & MULTI MESSAGE FALL: Enter more than one keyword and view simultaneous message falls on all keyword searches.
    3. GEOLOCATION SEARCHING: Sometimes you only want to see tweets from a specific area. Using the geolocation panel you can search based on a geolocation.
    4. TWEETING: Twoogle wouldn't be a great Twitter client if it didn't let you tweet. Once you're logged in, you can start writing your tweets straight away.
    5. RETWEETING: Retweeting is a way of life on Twitter. Twoogle makes it easy to retweet.
    6. REPLYING: Twoogle's inline replying lets you stay on topic ensuring that you know exactly what's been said.
    7. TIMELINE VIEWING: wouldn't be a great Twitter client if you couldn't view what your friends tweet about.

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