Trashed my R2D2 droid.. Quick question and funny story...

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by savage6970, Mar 19, 2012.

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    ... recently shook my little droid unit out of his holster, and sadly smashed his digitizer screen on some marble tile. Trusty little R2 unit still functioned though with a badly damaged screen. No prob I say and promptly order a replacement digitizer(tools included) and a new front bezel(not the same as a chrome R2D2 model but his was cracked in 4 spots). They arrived in 3 days and I commenced on surgery. Have him 3/4 tore down and realize I was missing a T-2 driver which none of the videos or tutorials I had gone through mentioned. Had to put R2D2 back together again and ordered a T-1 and T-2 driver as I was unsure of which I needed. 4 more days of waiting and tools arrived. Work and alcohol kept me away from the project for 2 more days. Tore into it with vigor after work last week and managed to break the ribbon connector on new digitizer, and main ribbon connector on phone itself. Tried to activate my old phone(Samsung Flipshot)to use while I waited on a replacement. VZW would not let me do it without giving up my $29.99 unlimited data plan. I told them screw it and I would cancel contract and move carriers. Manager jumped to action and gave me a loaner phone until my new unit arrives:)

    So my question is........I have bought a used droid2 with bad ESN on EBAY. Can I just install my motherboard from old R2 unit along with his back plate etc and be good to go? Don't see why not. Any thoughts or tips???

    Thanks a lot droid forums. Long time lurker but this is my 1st post I think.
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