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Discussion in 'Droid 4 Tech Support' started by nilsh32, Apr 20, 2013.

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    Hey all. I have three problems with my VZW Droid 4 which is about a year old. They did not all begin to present themselves at the same time, but I haven't made any attempt to deal with any of them until now.

    1) Charging. I need to hook the charger cable over a tissue box so that the connector is pulling up on the side of the phone for it to be recognized. Otherwise, it does not charge or recognize a cable. This is really annoying and I attribute this to putting the charging points on the side of the device; the weight of the cable sticking out creates a moment force when picked up while connected, and the port is probably worn out or something. I had this problem with my Droid 1 too.

    2) SIM card. Once or twice a day, the phone will randomly have no bars and will will have a "no service" and "no SIM card" notifications, like it just lost the sim card somehow. Restarting the phone will cure it, and the phone will work normally until it happens again.

    3) Headphone jack. The headphone connection has almost never worked, which really defeats many of the useful purposes of a smartphone. When you plug a headphone in, it still plays through the phone speakers, unless you jiggle it for a minute and find like a perfect spot. But then once the cable is tugged at all or something it doesnt work again.

    I do not have phone insurance, and I am currently trying to see if i can get it replaced under warranty. But I am part of a small business phone plan and it's a huge hassle figuring out account permissions for me to do anything, so it's not so easy. What can I do, is anything fixable? Also, if I could get the phone replaced under warranty, do you think it would be possible to have it replaced with a different model phone of equal value? If anyone is very familiar with verizon. Thanks!

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    Sim card can be fixed easy just go into a corporate vzw store Sim card is free at corporate store. Other 2 issues sound like hardware problems and if it can be replaced by warranty normally they won't replace it with different model unless they have already replaced 2-3 times.
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