Can "set up SIM card lock" cause software problem?

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    Droid 4, not rooted
    drivers updated from Motorola website
    Android 2.3.6
    built ..6.5.1_167_DR4_1

    I plan using the phone for work and banking.

    Can "set up SIM card lock cause software device problem"?

    I ask because the nice lady at the Verizon store said I "would become a frequent walk in at the store, and risk losing my info." She implied it was a problem with the phone, vs. user error.
    I use the screen lock, and set the Data encryption to "protect the data on your phone or memory card."
    I did some searching and read about quite a few mishaps with Sim card lock, but most seem to use/abuse of the phone.
    Some problems stem from entering the wrong password at set up of Sim card lock

    So my questions are:

    Is this a redundant pass code with only a small benefit?
    Are there software issues with the Droid 4/Android with this type of security?
    At the first set up, do I use my unlock screen code, or do use the factory default Sim card?

    I did go to My Verizon and get my Sim card PUK code(Personal Unlock Code). Just in case.

    Thanks for looking.
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