Terminal Emulator error?

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    Hey everyone. I am having a problem with my terminal emulator. i am trying to rename my .apk. I did everything that was said here


    Which was very helpful, thank you. Okay, so it worked a few times i got to change my facebook.apk to facebook.apkbak

    but now when i try doing it with other stock apps it keep telling me its a read-only file and wont let me? i have tried with several apps but it keeps telling me the same thing? Can anyone please help me out here? im pretty sure im not putting in the wrong commands due to ive got it to work before but something must have changed..

    Thanks in andvanced-Thelopenator

    Ok so I just uninstalled Terminal Emulator, and it went through..thats weird? Any ideas why? Do you think I'll need to uninstall and re-install all the time to do this? haha...just weird.
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