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    Ever since the fall of Blackberry there has been this push by other companies to fulfill that role of the business device. Right now Apple has the edge as companies are investing in iPhones and iPads for business whether it be in the flight deck of airplanes, menus for restaurants, or work space for employees to work at home.

    Google over the years has been doing what they can to get a piece of that action from cleaning up the Play Store, securing their operating system, and adding more work friendly apps. Today Google has announced "Android for Work", which will focus on Work Profiles, Android for Work apps, Google Play for Work, and Built in Productivity Tools.

    This move is a smart move by Google to strengthen their software portfolio as well as put their partners in a better position to be part of the business landscape. Samsung devices such as the Note line will make for a more attractive option especially when coupled with stronger business solutions that will help with productivity. What other moves will Android partners need to make to replace Apple in the business world?

    Source: Official Google for Work Blog Android is ready for work
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    End fragmentation . It's not as prevalent in tablets as it used to be but it's still quite significant in phones.

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