Superuser but can't delete app?

Discussion in 'Droid Bionic Hacks' started by indee2025, Oct 23, 2011.

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    I am rooted with superuser access, I don't freeze the bloatware I delete it, I'm aware that this may hinder the OTA but honestly I switch devices so often and there are so many releases (usually before the official release) I haven't had any issues not getting important with that out of the way.....

    Anyone have an issue with Citrix Receiver not staying dead? I delete it & it comes right back...

    I deleted it with root explorer.....maybe try force stopping it & then delete it? IT seems to just rewrite itself after I try to delete it, it shouldn't be tied to anything important that the device should reject my superuser request to kill it off, any ideas or similar experiences? This app searches and for updates and even though the block was unchecked to not auto update it has reversed that twice now in 2 days and keeps auto updating/spending data to find update in market...almost acts like its a malicious app even though its bloatware....
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