SUHide Now Works With Android Nougat

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    So you want to root your phone, but you don't want to lose stock features of your phone like Android Pay. No worries SuperSU developer Chainfire has developed a way to hide the fact that your phone has Administrative access. His SUHide mod allows you to use apps that normally block you when SuperSU is discovered by hiding SuperSU. Previously you would need to fully unroot your device and then re-root your device after using the needed function.

    The latest update of SUHide includes support for Nougat! There are also several fixes to the mod. You can now use SUHide on devices with a pin or password lock on boot. Chainfire is still developing ways to hide SUHide from these apps as they try to circumvent it by just checking for its existence on your phone. Head to the link below for more information and download links.

    via XDA
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