stubborn stuck in fastboot problem

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    I've tried everything I can find online, hopefully I missed something! Of course this happened right before ICS came out.

    Phone is an xt912

    I was messing around with getting gsm to work and installed the following patches: RAZR_AOKP_CM9_GSM_RIL_PATCH.ZIP

    Of course it didn't work, and it also caused FCs all over the place. So I decided to restore to .181 with Razr Utility 1.6. It flashed with no errors.

    Enter bootloop. Boot Failure, Invalid SP Data in System, System Status 0x0056.

    I then tried flashing with RSD to: VRZ_XT912_6.5.1-73_DHD-11_M1-2_1FF_01.xml and, VRZ_XT912_6.5.1-73_DHD-11_TA-3_1FF_02.xml

    RSD always says PASS, and it always leads to Flash Failure, Status 0x004E

    The only thing I can access is Fastboot.

    Any ideas? Appreciate any help!
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