Some 3G v. 4G questions

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    Is 3G on a 4G capable phone any different than 3G on a normal 3G phone? Is 3G on a 4G capable phone meant to be a fail-over of some sort in case you travel out of the 4G realm or 4g tower is down? what are some average 3G speeds?

    How much battery do you save with your device using 3G? I know on average, moderate users on 4G phones in the Verizon lineup (stock batteries) get anywhere from 8-10 hours. Has anyone did a test to see how much using 3G v. 4G really affects their batteries?

    These are just a few things that come to my mind as i waffle back and forth between using a stock battery and an extended battery.
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    Although they're not supposed to be different, if you do a side-by-side comparison there may be a difference between a 4g device and a 3g one. For example, there have been numerous speed differences between a Nexus and a true 3g device, the 3g device pulling down faster speeds from what I've seen.

    Your device saves a ton of battery on 3g. I ran a little test for about a week where I would put my phone in 3g mode before going to bed and found a battery drop of less than 8% compared to what is normally 14-17% on 4g left idle overnight, roughly 9hrs each night. Pretty significant results in my opinion, so I just quickly switch it to 3g before I go to bed. Don't take my findings as official results though, each phone may have different results.
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    I keep my device on 3g and toggle on 4g when I want the speed, and toggle it off afterward.

    3g saves a ton of battery

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