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    I'm trying to set up a few Smart Actions to hopefully save battery life... criminey, the D4 battery life is deplorable...

    Anyway, I seem to be having problems with the Locations. When I try to set a Smart Action for Home--either a custom SA or the pre-set one--I seem to be in a loop that I can't figure out. Under Triggers, I click "I'm at a specific location" which takes me to the Locations screen asking "What location...?" and my home address is already stored from a prior action I set. I click my address and it shows a little map (I guess to confirm? don't know). I click "I'm done" at the bottom and it goes back to the Locations screen but the "I'm done" on this screen is grayed out. If I use the back arrow to return to setting up the Smart Action, my address is not shown under Triggers, it still says "touch here to add." ??? If I just click Save of course it says "without a trigger you will have to turn this on/off manually" which I don't want.

    What am I doing wrong? :blink:

    and related, is there a place where I should program various locations, i.e., to use for navigation or whatnot?

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