Slacker app interfering with SMS messaging?!?!

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    LOVE the Slacker app I've downloaded for my Droid- Got it all dialed in with a line out to my car stereo, life is good. However, in the last few days I've ran into a nutty little bug with this app- After the Slacker app has been running, if I hit the "Messaging" widget to go check on some text messages, I'm taken to the Slacker app. Huh?!? I tried going into settings, manage apps, and completely shut down the slacker app that had been running in the background. Back to the home screen, hit the messaging widget again, and Bam! Right back to the slacker app! The only way I could get into the text messaging area of my phone to respond to a newly received text was to manually open the contact, hit send text from there, and finally I was back in the messaging area.

    Is anyone else running into this bug? I really love Slacker, even over Pandora (I think Slacker's UI is a bit slicker), but this is a super annoying bug. Anybody have any thoughts?
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