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    So I have Skype mobile on my phone. I see this Engadget article:
    Skype updates Android app for Verizon users, lets you keep the WiFi on -- Engadget

    I go to the Market to update Skype, but it's not on my Downloads list. I go to the Verizon tab, and it doesn't appear there either.

    I did encounter an issue a while back using some leaked rom where Skype was not available, but I don't know how I fixed it. I'm running rooted FRG22 at the moment, and I'd just like to gain access to the app so I can update it.

    Is there a fix for the Market that does this? I tried Clearing Cache and Clearing Data for it, but that didn't help.

    EDIT: Running the FRG22D update fixed this. Nevermind!
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