SHIFTAO5P HACK3D V IC3 - For Thunderbolt!

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    Last Week I brought you a huge Release for the BIONIC! This week I bring you a Release from the same Dev team! Dhacker29 of the #Th3oryRom team has been working very hard on making sure that he doesn't type any vowels! and also very hard on IC3 for ShiftA05P Hacked :) This Rom is Incredibly Sleek and just as Sexy as other Th3oryRoms!


    It is built on CyanogenMod which is based on Android Source 2.3.7. This also includes the Modded ZOOM Kernel V1.0.3 for better performance and battery life. Bloatware has been removed, and there are tweaks to the build.prop and gps.conf for even more speed and snappiness. Other tweaks include Ram disk tweaks and PNG optimization. Fully Integrated Google Services, Framework, and latest GAPPS.

    This Rom includes lots of goodies. Like ADW notifier (keep track of how many missed texts and calls), Android Pro Widgets, Fancy Widgets, Alarm Clock Pus, Modded Wifi Tether, Google Talk with Video and Voice Chat, Custom 4G LTE Icons. This Rom is ICS Themed featuring the themed App Dock, Themed Google search bar, Themed app Icons, Themed Settings. A New Bootanimation is included, as well as Rom Manager for easy Rom updates. This team pumps out new Roms and updates everyday. The Th3oryRom Team never sleeps and neither do the troves of crackflashers who follow them that sit at their computers and click reload as they wait on new things from this team!

    By DroidModderX

    Grab The Rom here and Discuss
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