New [ROM] ZyGot3 1.5 |TK .5B3 CFS| for Galaxy Nexus CDMA!

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    The Th3ory Rom team strikes again! This time on the Galaxy Nexus. Developer DroidTh3ory brings to you an outstanding custom Rom. ZYGOT3 is just the beginning of what is to come for the Galaxy Nexus Th3oryRom series. If you have follow DroidTh3ory's development on the Bionic and recently on the Razr then you know he likes to start out by perfecting a base rom, once the base rom is perfected he begins to add lots of sweet mods like custom ui's themes and more!


    This is an AOSP build that is based off the still unreleased latest version of ICS 4.0.3.It is Deodexed and Debloated. It comes with full root and busybox installed. Gapps are fully integrated. Zygot3 comes with a custom launcher, the Treybucht Launcher, which adds lots of functionality (a menu button in the dock, app management, quick access to settings and wallpapers, and launcher preferences) Lots of Tweaks and mods have been made to improve performance. I have experienced improved battery life over stock. Many others have also reported better battery life. It is running a custom Kernel "Tuna Kernel 5B3" for even more performance enhancement.

    This Rom also includes some custome goodies such as advanced power menu (includes toggles, and reboot phone, reboot recovery, and reboot bootloader), toggle widgets in notification drop down, Stock ICS sounds and notifications, Filemanager and more. There is also a google wallet addon included in the OP.

    Grab this Awesome Rom and Discuss here

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