Serious Bug gets on my nerves

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy S3' started by sangreal, Aug 10, 2012.

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    Aug 10, 2012
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    Hey guys. I bought a galaxy s3 3 days ago. I don't know much about android since i had an iphone for the last 3 years but i know this has to be a bug

    The problem : When i unlock the phone by pressing the home or lock button, it takes me to the homescreen (although i have a pin pattern lock and before that password lock) and there in the homescreen everything is like a screenshot. I cant really use the phone at all unless the notification bar. In notification bar i usually have an unread viber message, so i try to open it and the phone immediately takes me to lockscreen to unlock it.

    The thing is, except from the obvious fact that all these take time, the whole notification bar thing working worries me. Because i have find my phone service running and if anyone can disable wifi and data then the service wont work at all. What do you think, guys? Do you have any idea on this?

    btw phone has firmware 4.0.4 | baseband version: I9300XXLF2