Need help to test a weird lock screen behavior

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    Hi guys,

    I've been struggling with an apparently very obscure issue with my Verizon S3, and I've searched the web far and wide with no luck so far. I'm hoping to try a different approach - asking other S3 owners to see if you can purposely recreate my problem. If it turns out that it can't be reproduced by anyone else, it may be due to some specific issue to my phone... anyways, here goes:

    I'm on 4.1.2 Jellybean, stock touchwiz ROM, rooted, using Nova launcher as my default launcher.

    I have set up a pattern lock screen in my Security settings. However, I also want the ability to quickly enable/disable the Lock Screen. So for example, I turn off the lock screen when I'm driving or at home, and enable it when I'm in public. This can be done via a variety of apps (tasker, widgetsoid, No Lock). The "No Lock" app is probably the simplest, free app to do this with.

    Normally this mechanism works just fine.

    The problem is, when I toggle the lock screen off, and I get a notification (such as incoming text), and I pull down my notification screen and then to click on the new notification, this immediately pops up my pattern lock screen. (even though it's supposed to be disabled). It also happens when I press any ongoing notification (such as the on-going wifi notification that you can't get rid on on the S3). But not all things on the pull-down screen triggers the lock screen - the widgets bar (BT, GPS, etc) doesn't trigger it, nor does the brightness slider.

    Note that this notification-triggers-lock behavior doesn't happen at all when screen is at is normal "Locked" state.

    So my favor is ask you to try to duplicate this problem on your phones, so I'll at least know of this is specific to my phone, or a general thing that happens to all S3's.

    If you would like to try this out, here's how you should be able to reproduce this:

    1) Set up a pattern lock on your phone
    2) Download the "No Lock" app from the Play Store (it's small and free)
    3) Use the No Lock app or widget to turn off your lock screen
    4) Pull-down your notification screen, and click on the on-going Wifi notification
    5) See what happens.

    I appreciate anyone that does this and tells me if you get the same issue I do.
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