Screen with moisture, digitizer not working. Disassemble?

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by volcs0, Jul 6, 2011.

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    After a workout this weekend, I found my plastic armband case to be filled with condensation. The phone was fine, but I later noticed some water behind the screen. It is mostly on the right, and the digitizer area is unresponsive. This is a very small area but enough to be incredibly annoying. For instance, I can't press the delete key on the on-screen keyboard. In the app store, I can't press the magnifying glass. Switching to landscape allows me to do these things, but it is pretty frustrating.

    The excellent tutorial on this site suggests several drying methods, which I've tried.

    Based on my description, it is likely that my digitizer needs replacing? Is it possible that drying it further out will fix this problem? By taking the phone apart, is it possible I will be able to dry the area myself and then the digitizer will work.

    In short, I do not really understand how digitizers work. So, I'm looking for some guidance before I take it apart.
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