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Discussion in 'Android Support' started by Fsmv, Nov 3, 2010.

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    I'm certain this is a hardware issue, my phone fell from my pocket onto the ground today while I was sitting. My problem is it's rooted and I need to undo that so my warranty won't be void. I have a stock sbf file and RSDlite I tried using them by turning on my phone while holding up on the d-pad and then while holding volume up and the camera button. In both cases when I start RSDlite the phone shows up and some values are listed as N/A like the phone model and software version also the start button is grayed. Any ideas on how I can reset it?

    Maybe you'd be interested in the problem the backlight and touch input works but there is no display. Also the keyboard lights up and so do the four keys on the front and the notification light works. The software I have on it is Shadow Rom and ClockworkMod.

    EDIT: I flashed it on Linux with no errors. The screen still doesn't work but I guess it's at factory defaults now. It seems there's nothing else I can do so, solved.
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