safestrap splash screen shows twice and stucks on rom slot

Discussion in 'Hashcode D3' started by lekarsenten, Jul 7, 2013.

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    Jul 7, 2013
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    Good time of a day to all. I have a trouble like this post:
    My phone model is DROID 3
    I've use SafeStrap 3.05 with latest SU and BusyBox. Year ago I installed custom firmware (SteelDroid) on slot 1 and it normally works than and now.
    Now I try to create new ROM slot in safestrap and install new custom firmware.
    Everything is OK, but when i try to boot into new slot with new firmware, safestrap logo shows twice and after that stucks into black screen (but backlight will work)
    after that I'll try to place new rom into slot 1 and it stucks again.
    after that I restore previous steeldroid firmware into slot 1 and it works correctly.
    my stock rom works correctly at all time.

    Thanks for help.
    Best regards, lekarsenten.
    p.s. Sorry for my maybe bad english.
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