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    Here is a rundown of my sequence of events.
    - Running official JB OTA (98.72.16)
    - Rooted using Razr Blade Root Utility (successful)
    - Installed Safestrap (successful)
    - In Safestrap, I wiped cache, davlik, data for the stock rom (probably where I went wrong). Then created a new rom-slot for a custom rom.
    - Installed a new custom rom on that rom slot and rebooted. Didn't care for the new rom, so I went back to Safestrap, deleted the custom rom-slot and rebooted stock rom.
    - Phone started as ususal. First sign of trouble came when Wifi wouldn't connect.
    - Tried a FDR through Safestrap. Still had Wifi problems.
    - This is when I noticed the Safestrap app was missing from my phone (Safestrap still works when phone is rebooted). I reinstalled the Safestrap app, but it force closes when I try to open it. I then noticed I no longer have Root access.
    - Tried running Razr Blade Root Utility again with no success. This is where I am stuck.

    What I would like to do is reset everything back to stock. I have read some people talking about soft-bricking the phone, then loading the JB OTA through stock recovery. Before I venture into doing that I would like to get some help from the experts (you guys!). What should I do next???

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