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    Hello all of you who are DROID bionic owners. I discovered something pretty interesting as for all of us know that in order to flash Roms we have to be on the build 6.7.232 . ICS Well about couple of weeks ago I updated my phone to 6.7.246 I loved the speed of it and no more data drops .. but main concern was how am I going to live with flashing roms with this build. So what I did was install safe strap v3 and we all know how awesome it is that you can flash up to four roms at once. Well I downloaded and I flashed a new Rom which is based of .247 build blur version it was all successful. But it just wasn't even for me I wanted the taste of the new jelly bean Rom called Whezzed bean it can be found at Droid rzr . So I went on the site and downloaded it but again this Rom was based of kexec 2.11
    Which means that it wouldn't probably work in any different safe strap or maybe I just didn't know. So I took the risk and flashed it and to my surprise it went successful it booted it up just fine ..
    Which was really nice to know that I can still enjoy JB on the latest build of ICS...... But I Am..... WARING..... You I tested only out about five Roms and every bionic could be different in the way it operates.
    So If Any Thing Happens Its At Your Own Risk........ Well I wish best of Luck to everyone who is willing to try this out......

    Let me know if you have any questions
    I will help out the most I can thanks...
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