Rumor that is safe to file under "not likely" low cost iphone running android

Discussion in 'Tech News' started by pc747, Jul 6, 2013.

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    Looking through the various android news outlets and I stumbled upon the story below that supposedly apple will make a low cost iphone running android 4.2
    4 inch display 1.7 quad core (snap dragon 600) and 2gbs of ram.

    Purported low-cost iPhone model spotted; Jelly Bean knockoff packs Snapdragon 600 CPU, sells for $199

    Now that I posted that I have a few reasons why I doubt that story.

    1) If apple makes a low cost device (which by the specs is good enough to be a mid to high end device) why would they run android? Wouldn't that be like throwing in the towel?

    2) Apple likes to control every thing software included so again why would they run android?

    My point is IF apple decide to go low cost (which I doubt) they will not run android. And why would they go low cost when people can buy the iphone 4 that run the same software as the 5 for cheaper. By pumping out a new model their older model relegates to low cost.

    What do you guys think?
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    I really don't see Apple doing this and I'm guessing this just a rumor. Other than the design of the hardware itself there is nothing Apple about it, not even using their signature processor. They could make a "low end" iPhone using a newer designed body with last generation parts with an optimized version of their newest iOS software. I see it happening that way, using old parts on a new design, but to go to a Snapdragon processor AND Android, I highly doubt that.
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